When I’m 95 I want to look back at my life and say damn that was a great run, let’s do it again!


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I am evolving. Moving on. Embarking on the next chapter of my life. Come join me and let’s do this together.

There are certain things I want to accomplish and experience. New talents I want to explore. New technology to learn and of course new people to meet.

The name of this site, Change with Carlene, is my standard. It states clearly what I offer to myself and those who join me as I embark on the next 30 or so years of my life. As always, I promote hope and change. I promote self-confidence. And I always push myself and others to make sure we are never the saboteurs of happiness but instead are the authors and heroes of our story.

Just as I have been pushing the women of RFBC for the past 16 years, here at CWC we will work on beating negative self-talk, procrastination, perfectionism, and come up with ways to move forward from the chains of our pasts so we can approach our future unfettered and free to become the women we want to be.

Together we will uncover happiness, joy, self-interest, and an exuberance for life while we get things done. I’m all about the happy. Not every moment of our lives is joyous, but that doesn’t mean we can’t live a good life where we feel great about ourselves and the choices we make so we get the most out of the time we are here.

Not to worry, there’s no psychoanalyzing or delving into how we became who we are. I am not a therapist, I’m a doer. I like to get up in the morning, enjoy a cup of tea as daylight emerges, meditate a little and then get on with my day in a positive let’s make it a great day mindset. No rainbows and unicorns, I’m afraid. I’m a realist. Life is challenging and there isn’t always time to get done all we want to do, but that doesn’t mean we procrastinate or lament, it means we plan and take action. We do our best and feel good about it so at the end of the day we think back and smile over a day well played.

Change, while scary is very exciting. It opens new ideas, lands, relationships and imagination. Come join me and let’s make the next 30 years of our lives the best yet! Together we will learn, grow, and change in a daily dialog driven by our needs, preferences, and goals.


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She's on a journey of change and helping others start their own journey. The podcasts are very motivating. Check them out.!

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