Welcome to Change With Carlene’s Podcast Channel. These podcasts are meant to help you through your weight loss and/or seeking health journey. While Carlene has worked primarily with obese women guiding them through fast weight loss with a low fat, low sodium, low sugar diet, her true passion is to help anyone navigate through the struggles of dieting. She believes the only true answer is to change how we perceive the role of food and movement in our lives. Over the years she has helped hundreds of women lose hundreds of pounds, but only those who battled their behaviors and thought patterns were able to successfully maintain their weight and retain the health benefits of living on clean whole foods. Fourteen years of working with women has proven we can diet all we want, but if we don’t embrace the changes needed, it is for naught. The weight will come right back and health issues will return. This podcast channel is allowing her to reach out past the raw food niche and offer her advice and to all that need and want to listen. Please note: Carlene is not a medical, mental health or nutrition professional. She is a woman who lost 136 lbs in 9 months on a Raw Food Diet and has been sharing that knowledge with others since 2005.  

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