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Next Group – June 15 – June 28th

Cost: Free

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The Accountability Buddies program is for everyone and anyone who has something to get done and believes accountability would help them do it.

It’s free. We start every two weeks with a new group and go for two weeks. So each project or part of a project should be something you can do in those two weeks.

We all post our projects and keep our accountability team up to date each day on what we accomplished on our projects.

While Carlene is known for her weight loss programs and coaching for change, she is just a participant in the Accountability Buddies program. If you are interested in her other programs, go to Thin Brain Training to learn about her weight loss programs.

What do people set up as their projects?

Carlene loves to sculpt and is working on sculpting and artistic endeavors. Sometimes she has to get web pages done and write articles and content.

This first session, we have two who are going to use this accountability to get boxes unpacked from a move.

Some are finishing up or getting papers done for school, or work.

Others are decluttering, cleaning garages, building, painting.

It doesn’t matter the project as long as it’s not offensive, political or religious. We don’t do intolerance and those who want to disrupt aren’t welcome. But if you tend toward procrastination and you want to be part of an accountability group.

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Next round starts on June 1st.

Some May 18-31 Accomplishments


Melissa painted a 9-section block wall in the Arizona heat and included a mural for her pool.

Melissa’s Website link¬†

Accountability Buddies Melissa BeforeAccountability Buddies Melissa After

Amazing Grace

Accountability Buddies Amazing Graces MantleAmazing Grace moved the weekend before we started. During the 2 weeks, on top of teaching online from home, she unpacked all the boxes and got her whole house together. She also found a mantle out in the garbage, restored it and hung it. On top of that she installed an air-conditioner.

On top of all that, AmazingGrace is doing the Fast Weight Loss program over at Thin Brain Training and hit 25 lbs gone in three weeks.

Gorgo & Margi

Gorgo and Margi got lots of coursework done for their current studies. Margi also got ahead in her coursework.


Crystal’s Website LinkAccountability Buddies Crystal

CrystalClear painted a lot of necklace and earring cabochons and a few mandala stones for her business as she gets ready to reopen at her market mid-June. She also finished up her website and created a Facebook page.