Week 1 – Jan 4 – Jan 8 – Buddies

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    Hi everyone, now that introductions and projects are set up let’s move over here for updates on how things are going. If you haven’t posted your intro yet, do so in the Welcome topic. Moving forward through Saturday, everyone should come here, tell us how the previous day went, what you’re going to do next, and any fun updates. Like when @Jenny posted about hearing back from the testing company.

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      I agree with @ida. It is the doing it each day whether you want to or not, whether you feel confident or not matters. That’s what make you get it done.

      My 2 hours today seemed to last forever. I even spent the last 14 minutes working on my big troll head’s ears because my troll statue is slow going. I do have his face done though and he can pass for my brother. I had set him up to stand on a block of clay and that didn’t work so I ended up with him in my hand. Not the best thing. Although I will do this tomorrow as well. I have to get to the point of not disliking him. But like Ida said, we just have to do our time to get better at all this. 🙂

      aren’t edibles all the rage? Of course do you have to have a health inspected kitchen for that?

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      @belinda, the class sounds wonderful. What a great weekend project. I love that you did it with your mom. Thanks for being part of this two-week program.

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