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    Hi everyone, I’m so excited to be doing this Accountability Buddies group with you. Because most if not all of you are from RFBC at one time or another, let me remind you this program has nothing to do with diet, weight loss, or exercise. This is all about getting some projects done.

    Today, let’s introduce ourselves here and state what our project for the 2 weeks is. You can even outline what you want/hope to accomplish in our 2 weeks. Then Tuesday morning we’ll move over to a Week 1 forum where we track our daily progress and set up our next day. That means this morning here set up your project and the amount of time you will commit to each day and even tell us what you hope to accomplish today. Then either tonight (Monday)  or tomorrow morning go to the Week 1 forum, tell us how you did for today and what you plan for tomorrow.

    I will be doing podcasts regarding what we’re doing, so if you find me talking about you, trust there will be nothing personal added and only ever positive things like, PurpleKale is working on music to pass a class, or CB took her test and passed. Just motivational to encourage others to follow suit.

    I am going to open up your ability to add photos here so if you want to show your work or your music you can. At the top of the text box, there is an Add Media button. Keep the size of the uploads smaller and limit yourself to twice a day. Thanks.

    This site is basic and simple. There are no real bells and whistles. If you want to upload an avatar, you can but it needs to be cropped into a square and make sure the important element is center of the square. There is a link under your name on the menu.

    I am going to work with you under the username CJ.

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      Hey everyone, there’s no podcast on Wednesday. Just so you know. There will be one for Thursday. Sometimes I don’t have anything to say. Except let’s make our dreams happen!!

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