Ikigai – Finding Your Center Instead of Eating to Fill It



Ikigai to me means Balance, Center, Joy and Happiness. It is more soothing than food and brings inner joy, filling that void caused by loneliness and as numbing and calming for the distressed mind if not more than any food out there.

Next time emotions or stress overwhelm you, release that stress with your IKIGAI rather than food.

Finding my own IKIGAI (i-key-guy)

My personal experience with Ikigai was amazing. It made me understand the beauty and magic of zen gardening.

The reason I gathered rocks from my pool area and pulled out my Dremel was that I was in a bad mood and needed a distraction.

The rock carving worked better than I hoped.  I sketched an infinity symbol on a smooth medium sized rock that I could hold in the palm of my hand. With my Dremel, I start carving around the design. I couldn’t concentrate on anything else besides the repetitive movement. One slip and the diamond tipped bit would take more flesh than I was willing to give.

Soon the troubles of the day slipped away. Instead of mulling what put me in a bad mood, my mind calmed and quickly my mood lifted. Clarity happened. I was able to look at the issues that had set off my bad mood smartly and creatively. It was almost magical.

The next day I read about Ikigai. It was like that old motto: When the student is ready the teacher will appear. It all just made so much sense to me.

It didn’t take much to know my Ikigai. I love helping obese women find a better life and needed a way to reach more women outside my niche of raw food. It was the rock carving, that clarity of mind that prompted me to start this podcast for all dieters and not just the women at Raw Food Boot Camp. Another big part of my Ikigai is being creative. Of recognizing the artist within and pursuing it without guilt.

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Carve Your Own Rocks with a Dremel and Diamond Cutting Tools


  1. What besides food would work to fill the void, numb that emotion for you? IKIGAI is just one of the methods I now use. I’ll talk about others in future podcasts. What works for you and what doesn’t?


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