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Hey Carlene I’d like to be part of this because… I would like to work on moving forward in my own life. I’ve been stuck in the same position since I got my trach in December 2014. I would like to be a part of your group to explore the change that is needed for me to move forward as well as support others. I have not worked with you much in the past and hope you will consider me to join you. Thanks.🤗
I have worked with Carlene in the past Yes
Please tell me approx when you worked with me, which program, what your user name was and a brief idea of where your head was at then

I worked in the RFBC for about a week or less. At the time I was in a much more fragile position in life. My user name was 4evaautumn.

I am available and will participate for the full two weeks Yes

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I've been listening to Carlene's Becoming Me podcasts at and thought you might enjoy them.

She's on a journey of change and helping others start their own journey. The podcasts are very motivating. Check them out.!

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