Know Who You Are as a Dieter Before Choosing the Right Diet for You


Before Choosing the Right Diet for You

  • Know yourself as a dieter
  • Research diets that fit who you are as a dieter
  • Create a sustainable diet that will get you to your goals

We are individuals and while there are a lot of great diets out there none seem to work just right. Right?

It’s time to make your own. One that works for you. Based on your needs and health.

Research, read, discover

I haven’t written a diet book, but you can learn all about my diets: Rawk Starz and Wholy Rawkers at

Google, Google, Google. Read reviews of diets, check what is and isn’t good for your health issues (only trust respected theories) and remember food is the most powerful agent for health.

Here are some books from Amazon to get you started:

I admit I am biased to whole food diets. There will be many podcasts about why as my playlist grows, but for now. I implore you to study diets that are not full of packaged or frozen packaged foods. We need health along with weight loss. Why continue to pollute our bodies with preservatives, food colorings, and all sorts of nitrates and chemicals we can’t pronounce.

Whole 30

If you have inflammation in your body. Start with this book. Click Here!

Understand the power of whole foods and what foods to eliminate from your diet for the health you are seeking.

The Healthiest Diet On the Planet

To me, Dr. McDougall is the pioneer of living healthy. I read somewhere decades ago about a blood sample he saw flooded with fat molecules. I knew then the way I was eating was not going to work.

You may not want to go completely to his way, but the knowledge he offers will help you make better choices.

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Eat To Live

This has got to be the most popular book out there for healthy eating. When women come to Raw Food Boot Camp and I ask them what diet they see themselves living on for life, this is the plan they reference most. He as a huge following in the eat healthy for life crowd.

Click here!

How Not To Die

Dr. Greger is getting a lot of acclaim for his scientific based program. Make sure to check him and his ideas out if you are changing your diet for health and you want some well researched advice.

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The Paleo Diet

Dr. Cordain has based his diet on his research into evolutionary and anthropological studies of humans. This diet has been very popular for a while.

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The Keto Diet

I don’t know where this diet came from. I’m assuming it’s an offshoot of Dr. Atkin’s diet. But regardless of its origin, it seems to be the latest, IT diet.

If this type of diet sounds good to you, keep it a whole foods diet and make sure all your animal protein is hormone and antibiotic free.

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