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Name Lisette – geterdone
The Workshop This is Pertaining To: Procrastination
Hey Carlene I have a Question/Concern… Hi everyone, I have been throwing. away, washing, putting away, removing all the stuff on my kitchen countertops yesterday and today. I have recently retired and while working 10 hour days or more 6 days awake everything at home got pushed to the side as I was too physically and emotionally exhausted to deal with it. Lots of stuff to go through. Once everything is dealt with I don’t want to have to go through such a big mess again. Glad for this accountability blog. I am going to try to post some before pics now if I can figure it out. ¬†Nope too complicated for me.

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I've been listening to Carlene's Becoming Me podcasts at and thought you might enjoy them.

She's on a journey of change and helping others start their own journey. The podcasts are very motivating. Check them out.!

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