Welcome to Accountability Buddies

Welcome to Accountability Buddies

Hi ,


Our new Accountability Buddies group st=
arts first thing June 1st. There are only four of us as far as I know ri=
ght now, so it's important that all four of us participate daily.=0D=0A=0D=0A

If you login at https://www.changewithcarlene.com/cwcmem=
ber you will be taken to the Member Portal page. There is a button there=
that will take you to our 1st week's thread. As we did last group,=
each week we'll work in the same thread. Once we get over 25 posts=
in a thread, new pages happen so if you don't see your post, look f=
or page numbers. It is set up so my first post is always on top and then=
all other posts are newest on top.


Okay, I hope you h=
ave picked out your project for these two weeks. Let's get it done!=0D=0A=0D=0A

See you there.



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